About Bob88

Bob88 offers top-class entertainment to all it’s patrons, being a high-level sports betting and online casino operator. The fact that the industry in which Bob88 is part of is one of the fastest growing and more popular online industries makes it all the more difficult for a brand to stand out amongst the sea of similar brands. However, Bob88 is unique and offers exclusivity in terms of top-of-the-range gaming and betting experiences that keep patrons coming back for more and more.

From a wide range of fixtures, tournaments and sporting events to choose to stake one’s bet on, to the vast array of tantalising casino games to get one’s gameplay mode on; Bob88 makes it a top priority to see to it that all its customers, whether new or regular, are shown the time of their lives, and able to do so from their very fingertips.

Enjoying the ability to access various promotions, take up different features and all the while being given the promise of best odds, bountiful bonuses and more, is quite frankly, part and parcel of what patrons have come to expect from Bob88.

Our Mission & Product

At Bob88 there is one mission: that is to always endeavour to make the customers and their gaming or betting needs top priority. This entails a range of various quality checks that have to be put in place, to ensure that every step of the player journey at Bob88 is handled with pristine care and detailed in such a manner that exclusively, personalisation and customisation is a prerequisite for all customers. This commitment to customisation goes a long way, as it provides a unique gaming experience for each patron to Bob88.

The first step that every patron needs to take to have full access to this world of superb gaming experiences is to register to sign up to join the community at Bob88. Offering a robust and easy-to-navigate, not to mention, responsive platform wherein gameplay and sports betting can take place, effortless, patrons of Bob88 can rest assured that the platform for gameplay is safe and secure all the way.

Bob88 makes it a first point of call to provide all with a top-notch service, product and an experience unrivalled in terms of quality.

A Reputable Brand

Bob88 is in partnership with the TGP Europe Limited. Therefore, Bob88 with TGP Europe offers a trustworthy and reputable brand to anyone seeking quality, safe and robust gaming. TGP, being a gaming platform that is well-known in the industry as a stalwart company that has vast experience in the igaming industry, whilst readily offering technical and operational support that is categorised by its wealth of quality. The TGP Europe group is licensed by The Gambling Commission of Great Britain (under the Gambling Act 2005).

Committed to Customers

Expect efficient, effective and exclusively when it comes to the customer care service. Each agent offers a keen willingness to assist with every matter, whether large or small, and is available between 7am to 11pm BST. The customer support team is friendly and professional every step of the way. Taking every precaution and opportunity to answer questions and concerns of each customer, as well as taking the time to respond to queries is part and parcel of the overall Bob88 customer support service. Contact us via our live chat options, the email address or via our post options.

Top priority is ensuring that every Bob88 patron feels secure when accessing the sports betting and casino platform. Secure and trusted payment solutions are therefore highly recommended and is indeed implemented throughout the Bob88 experience. For more information, check out our Deposits and Withdrawals page. In order to keep one’s personal data and confidential financial information integral and private, up-to-date security technologies and procedures are in place at Bob88. Visit our Safe & Secure page to find out more.

Bob88 is on a constant endeavour to provide an optimised gameplay and sports betting experience for all. Therefore, regardless of the preferred portal of play, at Bob88 there is only high-quality betting and gaming on offer, from sign up and beyond. Expect premium moments all the way.

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James House, 1st Floor, 11-13 Hill Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1EF