Get in Touch with Bob88

Bob88 encourages every one of their customers to stay in touch with the friendly and professional customer support team.

Dropping by to say ‘hi’ or to chase up on a resolution needed, or to trouble shoot any process that has become sticky along the way, is effortless and altogether hassle-free. At Bob88, the ethos that the ‘customer is always right’ is indeed a motto that permeates every support agent’s conscience and allows for patrons to feel heard, appreciated and valued.

For Bob88 players, the Customer Support Team is given top priority and these support agents are trained in such a manner to be able to give sound and resolute assistance to all Bob88 patrons, no matter the issue or claim brought before each support agent.

To get in touch with Customer Support team members, Bob88 players and betting patrons are able to do so via the following methods:

Any complaints?

Is there an instance where you have attempted to get some assistance or laid a complaint about any particular service or product of Bob88 and have not been entirely satisfied with the resolution offered or the process whereby your claim had been dealt with? If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction via one of the contact methods above, please feel free lodge a complaint via and inform us of your dissatisfaction, so we can get to the bottom of it all and come up with an amicable solution for all.

Should an acceptable outcome not be as easily reached, we do advise that you are more than welcome to submit any complaints to the Authority mentioned below:

The fact that Bob88 is operating under a UK Licensed gambling operator means that there is a dispute resolution on offer, via an independent third party or ‘alternate dispute resolution’ (ADR) provider. All of this is in line with LCCP social responsibility (SR) code 6.1.1. We have appointed the Independent Betting Adjudication Services (IBAS) as our ADR accordingly. Please direct any unresolved complaints to them directly, at telephone number: +44 207 347 5883.

Please direct any unresolved complaints to them directly, at telephone number: +44 207 347 5883.

For more information about IBAS can be found at