Safe and Secure Transactions

BOB88 employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure all our player's private information is kept safe and secure. Your safety when gambling online is always our key concern and we always ensure we are up to date with the latest technology to ensure our player's transactions are always safe. Here you can find out what SSL technology does & how it works.

How does SSL Technology work?

SSL Safe and Secure

SSL encryption works to establish an encrypted link between your devices browser and our website. This is done through an SSL Certificate, which enables the encryption of sensitive information such as passwords & payment details. This allows all sensive information to be transferred safely & privately via a secure connection without the fear of transactional information becoming compromised. Each SSL Certificate is a unique credential identifying the certificate owner and the Certificate Authority authenticates the identity of the certificate owner before it is issued. We use a 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption; this technology is a security standard used by all major financial institutions.

How do I know SSL Technology works?

Check that our website is safe to use on your web browser by checking the connection via the padlock symbol 🔒 to the left of the address bar & checking that the security status is secure. The SSL certificate should be valid & trusted.

Safety and Security First!

BOB88 is on a mission to provide the best online gaming experience for all players. This mission is made attainable, not only by offering the best in sports & casino entertainment, but by also providing a platform that is safe and secure for use, above all else. Encryption technology helps keep your personal payment details private so they can be stored safely, and therefore enhances your experience by making transactions such as deposits & withdrawals quick & efficient, whilst keeping your sensive information safely stored.

Should there be any queries or concerns that relate to financial procedures at BOB88, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at any time.